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We are committed to offering a safe and nurturing environment for your children, while providing them with a positive and enriching educational experience. Our staff is highly trained and certified, helping your children develop important early learning and life skills. We offer high quality childcare programs for children from infants to 12 years, with a wide variety of activities and experiences designed to foster learning and growth.
Children are introduced to the Creative Curriculum, which is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum led by student interest that encourages critical thinking skills through investigations and project-based learning. It helps children become independent, self-confident, inquisitive and enthusiastic learners by actively exploring their environment. The curriculum identifies goals in all areas of development: Social/Emotional, Cognitive, Physical and Language.
We are a Licensed Child Care Provider who participate in the School Readiness Program and Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) with The Early Learning Coalition (ELC). We also participate in a subsidized program with The Children Trust (TCT), Miami Dade College (MDC) CCAMPIS Voucher Program, and Child Care Awareness of America, a Military Fee Assistance Program.
Additionally, we understand that children need a safe and nurturing environment to thrive, so our center is designed with the safety and well-being your children need. Each age group has its own individual classroom, with cameras in each classroom for careful observation.

Early Childhood Learning Center - Little Village Child Care
Childcare Preschool - Little Village Child Care
Little Village Child Care's After-school Program For Children

Child Care Center in Miami (Infants and Young Toddler Rooms)

Little Village Child Care is a premier childcare preschool and early childhood learning center in Miami, Florida. Our center offers a nurturing and stimulating environment for children from infants to 12 years old with a creative curriculum that keeps children engaged. We are conveniently situated at 9485 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33174, United States, providing easy access for families in the area.

A Preschool Program in Miami, FL

At Little Village Child Care, we understand the importance of providing a strong foundation for early childhood education. Our preschool program is designed for older toddlers, specifically four-year-olds, and follows a creative curriculum. This curriculum encourages exploration, creativity, and critical thinking, preparing children for their future educational journey. We feature an independent playground for preschoolers to engage in outdoor activities and enhance their physical development.

Our VPK Program in Miami, FL

We proudly offer a voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK) program in Miami. This free VPK preschool program is tailored for four-year-olds, providing an enriching educational experience. Our free VPK classes incorporate age-appropriate activities and curriculum to foster cognitive, social, and emotional growth. We believe in creating a positive, supportive learning environment that prepares children for success in kindergarten and beyond.

After-School Programs in Miami, FL

At Little Village Child Care, our commitment to the holistic development of children extends beyond regular school hours. We offer comprehensive after-school enhancement programs that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. Our program includes various activities such as bowling and much more, providing a balance between academics and recreation. Our after-school programs allow children to continue learning, exploring their interests, and building friendships.

Summer Camp Preschool in Miami, FL

Make the most of your child’s summer with our exciting summer camp preschool program in Miami. Our summer program is designed to keep children engaged, entertained, and learning during their break. We offer various events and field trips that provide unique educational experiences and memorable adventures. Registration for our summer camp preschool program is based on events and field trips, ensuring a fun-filled summer for every child.

If you’re looking for a trusted child care center in Miami, look no further than Little Village Child Care. We are open from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm, accommodating the needs of working families. Please contact us to learn more about our programs or schedule a visit. We look forward to partnering with you in your child’s educational journey.

We also count with

Our learning facility has over 10,000 square feet of educational and learning space.

We provide a fenced playground away from all streets and in addition an independent playground for infants-toddlers and preschoolers.

We also count with

Our learning facility has over 10,000 square feet of educational and learning space.

We provide a fenced playground away from all streets and in addition an independent playground for infants-toddlers and preschoolers.

Our Services




After School

Summer Camp


Little Village Child Care's VPK Classes For 4-year-olds
Little Village Child Care's VPK Preschool in Miami

Free VPK classes

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) is a high quality educational program for 4-year-olds living in Florida to prepare them for success in school and life.

Facilities and Organizations


Kids At  Little Village Child Care’s Preschool
Working hours

We are open from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm.

Age of care

We offer care from infants to 12 years


We serve Infants, Toddlers, Pre-K, VPK Program, After School Program, and Summer Program providing a safe and nurturing environment to learn, discover, explore, and grow individually.

Our Teem

Professional teachers & staff

Governmental Programs

FREE VPK Program, School Readiness Program, Subsidized Program with The Children Trust, MDC-CCAMPIS Voucher Program, and AWARE – Military Fee Assistance Program.

Our Classrooms

Each age group has its own individual classroom.
Cameras each classroom for careful observation.

Meet Our Rooms


Infant Room

Infant Room (play area)

Yellow Room (1Year old)

Yellow Room (1 Year old)

Blue Room (1 Year old)

Blue Room (1 Year old)

Jungle Classroom (3 Year old)

Garden Classroom (3 Year old)

Skates VPK Class

Ocean Classroom (VPK)

Based on 73 reviews
Kathy Puentes
Kathy Puentes
Love! Kids have been attending for the past 3 years, love the staff and activities for kids. It is beautiful and very clean
Andrea Henriquez
Andrea Henriquez
Excelente day care! La atención, y el cuidado de los niños!! mi hija tiene apenas 4 meses y todos los días despierta con ánimo, dice que le gusta! La teacher ivonne es súper cariñosa. De verdad ha sido una buena experiencia
Mirelys Perez
Mirelys Perez
The most loving teachers and management. Clean, caring and attentive. My child loves her teachers very much, Rachel and Daylet. They are incredible. They take development and nutrition serious without leaving the fun out. My daughter sings new songs she learns at daycare every day, and she dances to them too!!
Alejandra Garzon
Alejandra Garzon
El mejor daycare de toda la historia mis dos hijos han asistido , mi último bebe de tres años entra tan feliz y sale a si mismo siendo feliz , los educan los quieres y los cuidan con tanto amor que eso lo agradezco . Thiago es un bebe independiente y feliz Gracias por tan linda labor !!!! Sigan así 😊
Yohanna Cepero
Yohanna Cepero
Discrimination y malos tratos es lo que ofrecen a los niños sobre todo la directora.
Rigel Mendoza
Rigel Mendoza
Es un buen lugar si no fuera por la administradora tan despectiva y grosera que está a cargo del lugar
George Trujillo
George Trujillo
We were initially happy with the daycare but then we noticed that there was lack of communication, transparency, and we had a few issues that showed us that the children are not front and center in their philosophy. To be fair, our son liked the teachers and the center is OK if you cannot afford more.
John-David Diaz
John-David Diaz
Today was the last day having our son there after 2 years. I usually don't write these as I figure what's the point but I figured if there's even one parent this helps then it should be shared. My son threw up on Friday and throughout the weekend on occasion. He seemed fine but it was just those moments. We knew it was something stomach related as he kept grabbing at it. On Monday they called us from the daycare to pick him up because he had thrown up. We took him to the doctor where they stated it was lactose related so to lay off dairy and continue monitoring him. When my wife took him the next day, she gave them the clearance form and asked they not give him milk. The owner (rudest lady there) stated it had to be on the doctors note to make a change to their nutrition. My wife, livid as any parent would be, told her that the facility better give him any milk PERIOD. To ask for a doctors note to change your own child's diet. Hell it could have been for religious purposes and they had no right to refute it. To drill the point, they sent my wife an email at work stating how any changes had to have a doctors notice which is the owners opinion but not any actual guidance by the state and if anything, illegal. We are very laid back and understanding parents but this, combined with countless other incidents I rather not belittle them for, is out of line of ANY facility)